As a small fellowship which endures much
hardship, the Jerusalem Church of Christ
looks forward to disciples visiting from all
over the world! There are three ways to visit
us here in the Holy Land:

If you would like to tour the Holy Land but
don't know where to start, Missions Worldwide
can help. Missions Worldwide is a tour
company operated by disciples, which offers
low-cost and customizable tours. The tours
are unique in that Christians can tour with
local disciples who have trained as guides. It
is a great way to support the church and learn
about the Holy Land at the same time! Tours
can be arranged for groups of all sizes,
starting with couples.

"For Zion's sake I will not keep silent, for
Jerusalem's sake I will
not remain quiet, till
her righteousness
shines out like the
dawn, her salvation
like a blazing torch.
The nations will see
your righteousness,
and all kings your
glory; you will be
called by a new name
that the mouth of the
Lord will bestow."
(Isaiah 62:1-2)

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Currently, the Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Churches of Christ are seeking strong
disciples willing to become long-term (1yr+)
volunteers in Israel-Palestine. We are
welcoming older men and women (elders),
married couples with and without children,
and singles. If you think you might be
interested in committing to do volunteer
work here, we encourage you to contact us
to find out what opportunities are currently

The Jerusalem Church of Christ is always
happy to meet disciples from other
congregations! If you are planning to visit the
Holy Land and would like to visit the churches
here, feel free to email the church for
service times and event schedules! Contact
information can be found here.