"Church Growth and God's Plan"
Author: Peter
How should we react in times of low church
growth? Lessons we can learn from the
ministry of Jesus.

"Listening and Responding Workshop"
Author: Marie
Do you have trouble participating in
discussions without becoming wrapped up in
arguments? Steps on how to listen and
respond to arguments in a Godly way. 

"He came and
preached peace to
you who were far
away and peace to
those who were near.
For through him we
both have access to
the Father by one
you are no longer
foreigners and aliens,
but fellow citizens
with God's people
and members of
God's household,
built on the foundation
of the apostles and
prophets, with Christ
Jesus himself as the
chief cornerstone."

(Ephesians 2:17-20)

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"Navigating through a Lost World"
Speaker: Peter

Feeling lost? How to navigate your way back to God in a world that draws you astray.

"What are You Doing?"
Speaker: Peter
From a series on Biblical questions and answers, an examination of Joshua and Achan.

"The Source of Worry -- Women's CD"
Speaker: Marie
We have all been told not to worry, but how can we put this into practice?