The JCOC is lucky to have churches, groups,
and individuals who selflessly expend time and
money to help build the Holy Land churches.
Here are a few groups who have partnered with
the JCOC to provide for our ministry:

  • The Central Jersey Church of Christ!
    Without the CJCOC's financial support, the
    JCOC would be unable to operate. However,
    just as important to us has been the advice,
    love, and friendship that the church has
    given. We are forever grateful for their faith in
    our ministry and their perseverance with us
    through hard times!

  • The DeKalb Church of Christ! This
    fellowship in Illinois is helping the JCOC
    with its internship program. We extend our
    thanks to the DeKalb Church of Christ for
    their generous support!

  • The New York Church of Christ! We are
    grateful for the Manhattan and Staten Island churches in NYC!

  • The Memphis Church of Christ! Many
    thanks go out to the members of the church
    in Memphis, Tennessee, whose donations
    helped the JCOC hire two interns for
  • The Spokane Christian Church! Thank
    you to the members of the SCC in Spokane,
    Washington! We are grateful for the much-
    needed support and for continuing
    friendships with the church in Spokane!

  • Princeton Church of Christ! Recently the
    Princeton Church joined with Central Jersey
    in supporting the Jerusalem and Bethlehem
    churches. We are very grateful for their

"For this reason,
ever since I heard
about your faith in
the Lord Jesus and
your love for all the
saints, I have not
stopped giving thanks
for you, remembering you in my prayers."

(Ephesians 1:15-16)

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