A common question we receive here at the
JCOC is "What are the needs of the church?"

The Jerusalem Church operates programs both
in the church and in the community at large. To
donate to the JCOC, click here.

We currently need funding for:

  • The JCOC Internship Program
  • The "Church Van Fund"
  • Charity and Community Service

"You will be made
rich in every way so
that you can be
generous on every
occasion, and through
us your generosity will
result in thanksgiving
to God. This service
that you perform is
not only supplying the
needs of God's people
but is also overflowing
in many expressions
of thanks to God."
(2 Corinthians 9:11-12)

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The JCOC is a small church, and needs
volunteers who are willing to donate their time
and efforts to building the church.

We currently need:

  • Long-term workers -- If you are
    interested in relocating to Israel,
    please contact us for more information.
  • Interns -- If you would like to participate
    in our internship program, please contact
    us for more information.
  • Volunteers -- There are many
    volunteer oportunities available with
    non-profit organizations. Some of
    these opportunities even offer free
    housing, work training, and other
    benifits. If you are interested in
    volunteering in Israel-Palestine,
    please contact us.

We Need Training! As a young church, we are
often in need of training materials for specific
ministries. Occasionally, we also try to seek
outside instruction for our volunteers and
ministers. If you have ideas or materials that
could help us get the training we need, please
email us.

We Need Prayer! We at the JCOC are
particularly grateful for your thoughts and
prayers! For a list of prayer requests, click here.